The Bujinkan Gunn Dojo teaches traditional Japanese combat orientated martial arts for both male and female students. Classes are held in Greenhills Scout Hall, just off Limekiln Avenue on Sundays between 10.30am to 1pm.

Adult Classes

The main aspects covered in Senior weekly classes are unarmed combat (including striking, kicking, locks, throws, grappling), defence against weapon attacks and weapons training including 3 and 6 foot staff, short and long swords, knife and a variety of other traditional Japanese weapons used by both the Ninja and Samurai.

Our next beginners course will commence in January 2020, and costs €75 for 3-months. If you are interested in training in the Bujinkan please e-mail me using the “Contact us” tab above, so a class place can be reserved for you in the next group.

All classes are run by 14th Dan Shidoshi Hujo Gunn whose aim is to pass on the teachings of authentic Bujinkan and Ninjutsu martial arts as thought by Dr. Massaki Hatsumi, 34th Grandmaster.

For full access to our webpage with lots more information about the club and the art, is restricted to full members of the club. You can create an account by registering on the main page, and access will only be granted once you have joined.

 Greenhills Dojo: 

Sunday Mornings from 10.30am to 1.00pm

 Greenhills Scout Hall, Limekiln Green, Greenhills, Dublin 12.

Contact Details:

Ph:086 3890960